How to Easily Locate a YouTube Channel ID in 5 Simple Steps

Your YouTube channel name will be the same as your YouTube channel ID, which is a random 24-character word when you first start. However, once you have your first 100 followers, YouTube lets you create your own channel name. YouTube channel name is not the same as YouTube channel ID. You can find the YouTube channel ID on this page by typing the username of any YouTube channel.

A YouTube Channel ID is a unique number that can be used to locate a YouTube account. Over the past few years, YouTube has switched to channel names using IDs. Now it's hard to find a channel ID just by looking around YouTube's website. The unique ID is still very important, as it allows you to access public information such as the number of views and subscribers through the API.

A YouTube page can be difficult to maintain, and it can be difficult to remember everything that is attached to it. People often need to know the YouTube channel ID, which is an important piece of knowledge.

Every YouTube page is assigned a unique number called a YouTube Page ID. It is used to identify the channel and distinguish it from other channels on the site. This is the YouTube channel ID, which is made up of letters and numbers. It is commonly used to track data, create playlists and connect to other platforms.

How YouTube Channel ID Tool Works

Manually extracting the YouTube channel ID from each channel's URL can be time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of them. Fortunately, there is a way: use our YouTube Channel ID Extractor tool. People can easily get YouTube channel ID from channel URL with this online tool.

You can use AmazeSEOTools' YouTube Channel ID tool to get the YouTube ID of any channel. There are times when the YouTube channel ID is hidden on a web page. YouTube channel owner can change this. This tool will help you a lot if you want to find ID of any YouTube channel.

Finding your YouTube Channel ID is something many people want to do. They may need an ID to connect their YouTube account to other services such as tracking tools, or they may want to know the URL of their YouTube channel.

How do I find my YouTube channel ID?

Each YouTube page has a unique page ID. For YouTube, this is a unique way to find your video. When you first start on YouTube, you'll notice that your channel ID is part of the link to your channel.

#Example of a YouTube Channel ID:

You can find it at

Many large YouTube channels do not have a channel ID that you can see in their YouTube URL. This is because when your YouTube channel gets its first 100 followers, YouTube will ask you to create a YouTube username. This will replace your channel ID in your URL and look like this:

How can I use this tool to find my YouTube channel ID?

Now, do what it says to find your YouTube channel ID. It's really simple; just look at how!

  • Step 1: To get to the YouTube Channel ID Extractor, click here.
  • Step 2: Type in the URL of any YouTube channel and click "Find" to get the YouTube Channel ID.
  • Step 3: You will see the YouTuber's exact ID.
  • Step 4: Now you can copy the Channel ID and use it for whatever you want.

Why do you want to use YouTube Channel ID Finder?

YouTube Channel ID Finder can help you in many ways, such as

  • It will save you time because you won't have to look for the Channel ID by hand.
  • The process of getting the Channel ID from a YouTube Channel URL is facilitated by this.
  • The exact channel ID for the targeted Channel is obtained with accuracy.
  • Using this tool, you can easily connect to different apps and APIs.
  • By giving the necessary identification code, it makes channel statistics and collaborations work well.

How do I use YouTube Channel ID Extractor?

You can find the YouTube Channel ID of any YouTube channel with the free online tool YouTube Channel ID Finder. There's also a search function that lets you find your own YouTube channel ID if you forget what you changed it to.

Learn how to use YouTube Channel ID Extractor.

It is very easy and fast to use this tool to get ID of any YouTube channel. To get the YouTube account ID, all you have to do is copy and paste its URL into the toolbox. After that, click on Find Now. After you do that, the tool will immediately detect that YouTube channel and show you its ID.

What is the meaning of having a YouTube channel ID?

You need to know the YouTube channel ID to do some things. For example, if you want to use Google's YouTube API, you may need to know the YouTube channel ID. If you want to add YouTube videos or live streams, you may also need to know the channel ID.

How do I get a YouTube username?

Names on YouTube can be of two different types. To begin with, you won't get the YouTube username in your URL until you get 100 followers. Once you've done that, you can choose a YouTube name, and your link will look like this:

# Example of a YouTube username:

For ex: video link:

What is an old YouTube username?

You may see a different type of YouTube handle. Some people with very old channels may have URLs that contain the item /user/. It is no longer possible to get YouTube URLs that contain the /user/ item because YouTube has stopped using them and considers them as obsolete URLs.

# Example of a legacy YouTube username:

For ex:

The great thing about old YouTube URLs is that they also work on very short URLs like this:

For ex:

How do you get a YouTube handle?

YouTube added a tool called "YouTube Handles" in 2022. Handles on YouTube work the same way they do on other social media sites. A YouTube handle always starts with an @ symbol. You can now "tag" other channels on YouTube by writing their @ handle in any title, message or short video. A YouTube @ handle is a direct link to that channel, and lets you know when someone tags you with their @ handle.

What is a YouTube channel handle?

Handles are short, unique labels for channels that are separate from names and IDs. It starts with an "@" symbol like @AmazeSEOTools. You can also use names to find and talk to other YouTube users.

# Example of a YouTube handle:

Visit YouTube at

If you use the above tool and select "YouTube Handle", you can change the YouTube handle to the channel ID.

What is the YouTube channel name?

Like a handle, a username for a YouTube channel is a human-readable name chosen by the channel owner. It is part of the channel URL, such as, and you can change it, but not the channel ID. Users need to have at least 100 followers before they can set up their YouTube name.

What is a YouTube Channel ID?

A YouTube channel ID is a unique number that can be used to locate a YouTube channel. A social application or service may use a channel ID to display YouTube feeds or details.

One of the most important parts of your playlist on YouTube is the title of your video. A title has two main goals: to help people find your video through search engines and to get people to watch it. Read our tips below to learn more about how to better tag your YouTube videos.

Can I get YouTube channel ID from my handle, username or custom URL?

Sure, just type a YouTube username, handle or custom URL in the box below, and we'll find a matching YouTube channel. If it gets the wrong channel, try entering the URL of the most recent video on the YouTube channel.

The reason why you may need to know your YouTube channel ID

The channel owner can change the handle, which makes it easier to find and remember users. On the other hand, the channel ID doesn't change, so it's a more accurate way to find and talk to a specific YouTube channel.

Do you show YouTube live subscribers or views in real time?

Yes, the tool shows the live number of YouTube subscribers, as well as the number of views and videos for a particular YouTube channel.

Why does the YouTube Channel ID finder show the wrong YouTube channel?

The YouTube API is used by the YouTube Channel ID finder to navigate to the appropriate YouTube channel. It's too bad that YouTube doesn't have a valid endpoint for YouTube handles. The search port for the YouTube API is used by the tool, which can sometimes return incorrect results. We suggest that you add a YouTube link to the most recent movie of this channel. This will give you the most accurate results.

How can I find out about a YouTube channel and its statistics?

This tool will give you the ID of the YouTube channel, as well as its owner, username, personal picture, description and start date. We will also give you information about the station, such as the number of subscribers, views and videos.